uPVC Cladding Installations and Repairs

We have a rich portfolio of cladding work and can guide you through the process of choosing the colour and design you’d like. uPVC cladding can give a property a highly modern look with a durable, low-maintenance solution.

There are lots of colours available to match the look and feel of your property. We offer efficient, affordable installation with minimal disruption. When we’re finished, you will have an impressive enhancement to your home that will last for the long haul, and our expertise enables us to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about our uPVC cladding services by contacting PM Roofing today. We operate in Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Offaly, Longford, Louth, Meath, Laois, Westmeath, Wexford, and Wicklow.

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We service all over the Leinster area such as Meath, Kildare, Dublin and Offaly.

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